Does India know Cricket?

Yesterday was AGAIN a bad day for Indian cricket team, so called 'Team-India'. Indian tigers could not sustain Sri Lankan lions. After a tight bowling till 40 overs India had thought of letting them build a good score. May be our team was thinking to give a lavish for its spectators by showing heroic chasing of that score. Team's commercial attitude has suferred its play in World Cup.

Except Rahul Dravid nobody seemed serios on pitch. Rest of all batsman was all ineffective when their abilities needed soldering with actions. Yuvraj seems a bit confident in strokes and determined for target but a bad communication between Rahul and him helped only to go back in pavilion for rest.

Last wicket did a good job a delaying the defeat and could not do anything better than this. What can we expect from bowlers in a country where a bowler is looked only as a bowler. If he doesn't know batting it's OK and if he doesn't know how to field then he is a perfect choice selector. Though this condition has bettered in the recent past but still mandate could not be formed about selecting bowler who knows how to hold the bat in bad times. Irfan was a good alternative. I just could not understand why committee has not given him a chance. I agree that his bowling is no longer sharp as it used to be but he is master batsman and a fair feilder.

The only people who has got rich in this bad game by Team-India are bookies. The India had better prospects of winning with great batsman lining up in Indian Camp and a recent series victory against Sri Lanka. We ordinary Indians has lost our pride by a great play of our unrelianble brothers.

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