BCCI and Cricket player ads

Lots of youngsters want to play Cricket because of money and fame involved in it. The new model of quick Cricket has further raised the bar. Now this sport has become a money minting machine.

While most of the players have started accumulating wealth they are slowly drifting away from the game. They somehow forgetting that it is this sport that is getting them all the fame and money. But now players got themselves buried under heavy schedule of commercial ad shooting.

I am not of an opinion that they should not do it. In fact, BCCI should make it compulsory for each and every player to endorse some or the other product on the planet earth or from alien world, if needed. BUT there should be a clear mandate that every player should contribute 70% of such earning for building foundation for other sports.

If other countries can impose hefty taxes on prize money then we can always ask for share from addition source of revenue. I know Sachin Tendulkar and Dhoni will get angry if they happen to read this but I am not bothered. But that's Ok with me.