Diwali 2010 at Buldana

This was my first Diwali after marriage so it was special. But like all earlier ones this one started with my special Diwali menu - chakali (चकली).

And obviously with some sweet. 

Meenal and Meet were making rangolis before the Laxmi puja in the evening. 

They also made rangoli in front of the Ram mandir which diagonally opposite to our home in Buldana. 

We had Laxmi pujan in the evening as per the hindu customs. We decorated idols with flowers.

After puja then it was a time for fire crackers. I was bursting crackers after my fourth standard. It was sort of low confidence that I was experiencing while lighting atom bombs. But after bursting 2-3 of them it became like routine.

It was scenic to watch crackers. The color and odor is so enticing. 

Since we were in Buldana we had our brother Vaibhav with us on Diwali. He enjoyed fire crackers too with Ankush.

Some family snaps on the backdrop of light festivity. 

Meet, Anjy atya and Meenal (in left to right order) posing for the snap.

Few other snaps of Diwali.

A newly married couple, Ankush and Meenal, before the end of the Laxmi puja celebrations.

Below are the few interesting rangolis made by neighbors for Diwali. You choose the best among these.

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