Bride-Groom Selection Spreadsheet

Soon after entering in your mid 20's you will hear a word 'proposal' more often from your parents. In most part of the India the timing for bride/groom searching is decided by the parents for two reasons
  • Arranged marriages are still very popular here
  • As you young boy or girl you will always feel that you too young to get married 

Many a times a final selection will be done based on a gut feeling of your parents and relatives. To base your decision on facts and figures I have created following spreadsheet. I personally think the selection that is going to impact your whole life should be made logically. 

In criteria or attribute column you can add up to 10 things and you can assign weighing factor to it in the adjacent column. Then you should go on replacing Name 1 to 4 with name of girls or boys your are considering as your would be. Now simply give marks to each girl and boy against each factor. The one you have with highest score should be the winner.

Click this link to open the spreadsheet - Bride-Groom Selection Process. You may require access to Google Docs to be able to use it.

I have created this sheet for one of my friend. Incidentally, he chose the lowest ranking one as his would be wife (and still living peacefully). For some people the decision will never be rational. This spreadsheet if for a group of people for whom rational decision making make sense.


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Its really interesting. I try this bridegroom selection spreadsheet, and i tell my friends also. Mandar Thosar thanks for your sharing.
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