Emerging models for Product Development

Product outsourcing has become an inevitable for every growing ISV. With growth of the ISV the need to concentrate on few critical functions increases drastically. Hence and ISV has to outsource other important activities to remain focused and responsive the market.

As outsourced product development is maturing new models are emerging in course to mitigate the risk. Every model has its own share of pros and cons. The outsourcer has to select to most appropriate model for his kind of software outsourcing project.

Below are some of the emerging outsourced product development models.

1. Software Product Line
An ISV targets the needs of the prospective industry or function by creating a portfolio of products with variations in features and functions. This model has a base or core product and different products in the same line offers increasing feature sets.

2. Modular Development
In this model the product is developed in the form of modules. One module is developed at a time or different modules by different team all at once.

3. Co-development
In this model ISVs’ and outsourcing partner’s team work together. It is preferred model where the technical capability and bandwidth is available on both side. Typically in this model, outsourcing vendor provides resources and product development project is managed by the ISV.

4. End-to-end Development
In this model, the outsourced product development looks after every aspect of product development. This model is preferred where outsourcing partner has technical as well as technical capabilities and product development experience. This model help ISV focus on very critical aspect of software product business boosting its productivity and profitability.