Corporate E-Newsletter Topic Guide

7 out of 10 marketing people wish to have their own corporate e-newsletter. They have management will, internal staff support and database of suspects, prospects, customers and other stake holders with them. What they don’t have is the technical knowledge of electronic distribution (which is very easy to acquire) and content idea.

In this post I will talk about content of the newsletter.

Corporate newsletter is a medium through which you want to spread awareness about what’s happening within your company. Since you want to let the world know about your company let’s have a dedicated section for each major functions within your company. In every release you can have one article per section and the most interesting article can be promoted as featured article for that issue.

You can create sections as per your wish. Let’s say we have created four sections for a corporate newsletter campaign – (a) marketing, (b) delivery and operations, (c) human resource and (d) management team. Now, decide subjects that can go under each section. This will give you a topic list for your newsletter. Now before every release you have to check which subject can be part of your corporate newsletter for that particular issue.

Below is one sample e-newsletter topic list.
  • Marketing function
    • Industry trends
    • Key events within your industry
    • Your participation at event, conference and seminars
    • Organizational views about economic, environment, social, technical and political events happening outside
    • Product reviews
    • Events hosted for external parties by your company
    • Client testimonials and stories
    • New client acquisition or new project news
    • Case studies or whitepapers release
  • Delivery or Operations function
    • Technology how-to articles
    • Impact of new developments and latest within your industry
    • Whitepaper on technology
    • Your project management approach
    • Research work or status update
    • Proof of Concepts (POCs) that you have developed and not covered in NDAs
    • Presentations/talks at conference and seminar
    • Community of practices (COP) updates
  • HR function
    • Special events at your company
    • Internal activities and initiatives
    • Training plans and updates
  • Management team
    • Organizational message
    • Visit or business tour information/schedule
    • Invitations to events
    • Business progress reports (quarterly and annual)
    • Survey report or feedback summary relevant to subscribers
This is just a sample list. You can create your own list based on your industry and topic of interest to your target audience.