Three learning I got after losing Rs. 50

I learnt few important lessons for my life at cost of Rs. 50 at Funfair organized at our company.

The event was organized for raise money for charity. All the revenue collected through this would go to NGO so I had set my own budget apart from our team contribution to support NGO financially. But interestingly I got to learn few important things.

I was playing Below 7 or Above 7 game. In this game you have to just guess the total of two dices thrown. If you win you get double of your bet. Before play I had done my homework and decided to bet for below 7 all time since the probability of win is 50% statistically so it was the safe move per say. But when I played my belief and faith in statistics based decision got tossed.

I learnt that

  • Decisions based on stats only is not a good way to go with - My play strategy was solely based on statistical analysis yet I lost money.
  • Go with your heart - Many times during play I disobeyed my internal voice and got ruined
  • Failure doesn't sadden always - Since I knew the purpose of play and was completely convinced failure didn't make me sad