Modern practice for modern god

If you walk on the roads of Maharashtra (India) these days, you wouldn’t miss the fervour of Ganapati celebrations. And why not? He is a modern god according to me. He represents medical advancements, in the form of head transplantation, during very early days when only gods used to populate the earth. He can only be stood second to Lord Krishna in his practical dealings of the situations. 
But what fills my heart with sorrow is a fact that all of his devotees have gone too practical and become very much modern. This love for god has really turned in to a great drama. 
People are selling Ganapati Bappa (as he’s called fondly) on roads cloaked in very mean raincoat in the form plastic bags. Few goes on to bargain a price of the god on the steets. Who are we to put a price tag to him! People who are paying premium for an eco-friendly idol of Bappa are glittering their homes with plastics and chinese decorative lamps. What a double standard approach!
The god who made us capable to earn and gave us roof is being bought and sheltered!