How Social Media is Making Us Feel Like We're All One Big Happy Family

Remember back in the day when news of a celebrity passing away was just that - a news? People didn't really care too much and just went about their business. Such news just stayed printed on the newspaper hidden somewhere beyond page 1 and 2. But now, thanks to social media and extra personal messaging apps like WhatsApp, we feel like we're all one big happy family! Do we behave like that in reality is a different thing.

Recently, when a decently well-known actor died, people started acting like they lost a family member. They were sharing messages and posts about the guy like he was their long-lost cousin. When he was on the screen, he might have got claps or special appreciations in the film reviews. But suddenly on his demise, he starts trending on all important social media platforms. I mean, sure, we might never have met the guy, but social media has made us all feel so connected, right?

And it's not just celebrities that we're all mourning together. We have progressed and gone a step ahead now. Now when someone's spouse dies, even if we don't know the spouse at all, we're all there with our sad emojis and condolences. We tell others, less with words and more with emojis, how are we feeling about a person who we hardly know 5 minutes before. We behave as if we're all in this together, you know? Or like we are on the fast dial of a person who has just left this mother earth forever.

So yeah, social media has definitely changed how we connect with others and view the world around us. We're all one big, happy, sad, grieving family now!