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Sinhgad fort trip

On 26th morning we left our homes for Sinhgad fort on our bikes. Ankush, his wife - Meenal, my wife - Meet and I enjoyed journey passing through Khadakwasala dam.

After reaching the foot of the Sinhgad fort we parked our bikes, got freshen up and had spicy misal pav.

I was not feeling well that day. So I decided to go by Tempo Trax to the top. Ankush, Meenal and Meet wanted to give a try of climbing. I must mention that all of them were suffering chikungunya and yet decided to opt for climbing.

The sun was shining and to protect themselves the team had a hat made from leaves. Creative people.

They enjoyed beautiful nature around them. I really felt jealous but could not do anything as I was sitting idle at the top of the fort waiting for my team join me. 

Ankush gifted Meenal hand made jewellery (नवलक्खा हार). He made it out of leaves and stem.

During their trek they took small breaks.

They had some entertainment too.

And of course, they had snacks in between. Weekends is a season for s…

Khalapur trip

Since my wedding I was planning a trip to Laxmi Narayan - Khalapur, our family deity. Finally I managed to visit Khalapur on September 19, 2010.

We reached Shivaji nagar (Pune) railway station at 6:15 AM and were waiting for our 6:30 AM local for Lonavala.

I could not have my morning tea as I had to leave early. But it was fun waiting with my family at railway station.

The local was sharp on time. We boarded the compartment. As it was early morning there was no rush in the compartment. We could easily get seats.

After a long time I enjoyed standing in the door watching the engine on the turning track. It was fun. Now I feel it was too childish act on my part. But I was enjoying that.

We reached Lonavala railway station at around 8:00AM.

We walked the over-bridge to get on the other side of the railway station. Then we went to Lonavala bus stand to catch bus for Khopoli. We got freshed and quickly got bus, a mini bus.

Even the bus was not crowded. I think there would not be many people …