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Goa, movies and me

I have become fond of movies since my early age. My mama and maavashi used to give money to buy tickets for me and my brother. And in those days, since we were kids below 12, we were allowed to get in to ladies class which was generally cheaper than stall or dress circle or balcony tickets. My affection to movies rose to such level that at one point of time my goal of life was to become ticket collector at cinema theaters so that I can watch all the movies without paying a single dime for it.

Movies have become core of my life. I found myself using movie plots, dialogues and situations as examples to people around if I have to make a simple point or give them some advice. It happens so unknowingly that it takes sometimes a long period for you to know the real cause of your behavior. In my case it took almost 2 decades.

This year I saw some really good movies at Pune International Film Festival. These movies do not follow a template approach where (a) wins the heart of his girlfriend b…

Know their language

Today in elevator I met a colleague who have kept a wolverine style beard. I told him that he's looking good in this new look. But he was not very much excited to hear this praise. Then he opened up saying that his boss doesn't know the wolverine. He then tried explaining his boss the character with reference to X-Men. His boss was not aware of this move either. He was disappointed that his efforts made no sense to his boss.
I learnt one more lesson. One should know and be able to talk the language of his/her juniors. It's not easy to know everything that your juniors might know but a little curious enquiry will make them happy and as a result productive.