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Apple quietly cutting competition

This week Apple has highlighted the importance of supply chain for the success of a product. While every other company is busy in figuring out how to compete with iPad with their own tablet offerings Apple is quietly cutting its competition by entering into a deal of display components with LG, Samsung and Chimei Innolux for 65 million units.

The display manufacturers are already under pressure of meeting the demand with limited manufacturing capabilities. Apple securing 65 million units will not leave much left for its competitors. So now, its competitors may have high specs processors, latest version of operating systems, very good UI and millions of applications and heavy duty batteries but they may not have display for their mini computing devices.
For Apple the role of supply chain is not just to bring raw material to the factories or manufacturing units and ship finished products to the market. It is also ensuring that iPad will be the only device that will not have the shortage …

Vande Mataram - Maa tuze salaam

‘Vande Mataram' (meaning ‘I bow to thee, Mother’), a poem from the 1882 novel Anandamatha by Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay had inspired many to take part in the struggle for Indian freedom. But after we got freedom and independence, for the later generation it became just a song to be played on 15th August and 26th January till somebody from southern music industry took the two words ‘Vande Mataram’ and spun it to have modern appeal to the theme of the song. The lyrics were completely changed but the spirit remained the same - ‘I bow to thee, Mother’.

AR Rahman added some magical musical punches to the song and it soon became the audio for Sony TV when it is not airing any entertainment program during 12AM to 6AM slot. Young generation like me used to hear and tap foot on the beats of this song. We felt connect between freedom/independence with newer generation like ours.
The earlier generation cherished and narrated freedom struggle to our generation but never promoted it through ma…

Independence Day Pledge

If a kid had this pledge in 1950s then today's India would have been a lot different. However, today is not too late. India is growing, not aging.

To celebrate Independence Day in true spirit, make others independent. If you can understand this then you are anyways independent.

Wish you all a very happy Independence Day!

Bribing Crash Course - 15 Days (Full time)

In the turbulent times and uncertainty around, the only individuals, organizations and politicians that can manage not just to survive but flourish seem to be those that have gained unwavering support from other parties of social fabric. The proven method of securing this support is through bribing. It has become such a necessity that there is a need to frame a crash course in ‘Bribing’.
The bribing crash course will handle both aspect of it i.e. giving and accepting part. If you are offering a bribe then you should understand whom you are bribing and what amount you should offer. If you are accepting a bribe then it is important for you to know the best practices of accepting it and managing the accounts after it comes to this side of the table.
The topics that would/should be covered in this course are listed below:
1. Identifying the prey It is very important to know the person, organization or party to whom you are approaching for hand-shake. You should study their past track record. …

Laptop versus Pen and Paper

We have spent so many years inventing something or the other. Our scientists have made huge success in the area of science. We discovered few things very quickly while many took much longer period to evolve.
In no time (considering time from our origin) we made it from abacus to laptops in computing field. The progress on writing tools is not that great (may be because it is difficult to improve the best).
A side to side comparison of latest computing device (laptop) with latest writing tool (nothing came to my mind except a pen and paper) is given below.  You yourself decide the winner.
Comparison factor Laptop Pen Winner Price Few hundred dollars Few dollars Pen Size Big Not so big :) Pen Weight More than a pound Negligible Pen Standby time Few hours Few years Pen Startup time Many seconds<