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Overcoming the key challenges to your B2B e-commerce success

The technology behind e-commerce changed the way companies and consumers engage and do business. It's time for B2B companies to take the big leap forward and embrace e-commerce just as B2C companies have done before.

While many B2B companies have traversed this path and made progress in developing digital channels, most grapple with the idea of weaving these together and evolving from multichannel. As consumers, B2B prospects have learned to anticipate and, in some cases, demand a seamless omnichannel customer experience: with all channels working together efficiently. If your B2B company can’t offer this and still, then your customers can easily find your competition online who are offering what they desire. It’s not only a matter of retaining your customers, but e-commerce also offers you new opportunities. Now more than ever, it pays to embrace digital.

A recent analysis by Forbes shows that the B2B market will account for twice the size of B2C by 2020. According to Forrester, …