Friday, December 24, 2010

Bride-Groom Selection Spreadsheet

Soon after entering in your mid 20's you will hear a word 'proposal' more often from your parents. In most part of the India the timing for bride/groom searching is decided by the parents for two reasons
  • Arranged marriages are still very popular here
  • As you young boy or girl you will always feel that you too young to get married 

Many a times a final selection will be done based on a gut feeling of your parents and relatives. To base your decision on facts and figures I have created following spreadsheet. I personally think the selection that is going to impact your whole life should be made logically. 

In criteria or attribute column you can add up to 10 things and you can assign weighing factor to it in the adjacent column. Then you should go on replacing Name 1 to 4 with name of girls or boys your are considering as your would be. Now simply give marks to each girl and boy against each factor. The one you have with highest score should be the winner.

Click this link to open the spreadsheet - Bride-Groom Selection Process. You may require access to Google Docs to be able to use it.

I have created this sheet for one of my friend. Incidentally, he chose the lowest ranking one as his would be wife (and still living peacefully). For some people the decision will never be rational. This spreadsheet if for a group of people for whom rational decision making make sense.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

You will not learn until

While I was drying my hands I overheard two developers talking to each other. One was telling other developer an interesting story of learning better coding.

The first developer was quite famous for his coding ability in his earlier company. But sometimes even skilled people stuck. Similarly, this developer was stuck up with a problem. He spent two days on it but could not come out with solution. He scratched his head, books and at last internet but could not get any help.

Frustrated developer went to his project manager and explained what he was going through for last few days. The manager promptly came to his desk and asked for control of his development machine. He questioned developer to understand more about the problem. He took not more than 5 minutes to look for solution on Google. He copied the code, pasted it in IDE and did some quick tweaking. The problem was solved. All this was happening in front of the developer. The problem that took more than two days for him to puzzle him more was solved by his project manager in just 10 minutes.

Manager asked developer if he is satisfied with the solution. As soon as developer nodded his head the manager deleted all the code that he has just entered and closed all the tabs and cleared all browser history. It was happening so quickly that before developer could understand what’s happening his system was not more than a clean slate stuck up in the same problem.

Giving chair back to the developer the manager said, “You will not learn until you code it yourself. Now do it yourself. I just wanted to show you that the problem has a solution; you solve it.” The developer had just learnt what a good project manager means. His manager has neither put him in fix just asking for solution nor did he let him use readymade code. His manager has taught him fishing not just gave him the food.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vacation preparation checklist

Vacation is a great stress buster especially for people like us who are so burdened with office work, pollution and chaos around us. Vacation revitalizes us to put our best at everything we deal with after resuming our regular life. But seldom we prepare properly for this vacation. And as a result, a vacation that should have been a stress buster becomes stress booster for us.

Last week one of my friend had gone for a long vacation. But before leaving for it he had forgotten to close the taps and I had to go to his flat then to break the lock as the chairman of the society was facing hell lot of complaints from other residents of that society. Since the tap was open any amount of water filling in that tank would eventually got drained leaving no water for domestic use. A bit of precaution while leaving would have saved gallons of water and 7 lever costly lock of my friend.

When I went out on this weekend I felt that I could have better prepared for it if I would have taken little extra efforts to plan. So I decided to create a generic vacation preparation checklist that will help all of us for our next vacation.

I have prepared a PDF that you can print for proper management of vacation activities. You are supposed to tick each activity as and when it gets completed.

The link for PDF download is this - Vacation preparation checklist.

Feel free to add your suggestions in comments. I will add all the items that I might have missed once you bring it to my notice. I hope this list will come handy for your next vacation.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Honeymoon - Part 1

The first thing that any couple does immediately after their marriage is go for a 'honeymoon'. It is almost 6 months since I am carrying tag of 'husband' but unfortunately could not go out with my wife. I didn't have enough leaves to go for honeymoon after my wedding. So we had decided then that we will have it in parts like Harry Potter movies. So this weekend we went for our first part of Honeymoon.

Saturday morning we left at around 9:00 AM for The Lake Weekend resort. This is the parking area of my building.

The resort is near Varasgaon dam. The route is Sinhagad road - Khadakwasala dam - Panshet - Varasgaon boat club. The picture taken while running besides Khadakwasla dam.

My wife, Meet, trying catch herself in portrait while I was driving my Pulsar 150 towards resort. She is wearing cap that my MBA college gave me when I went there to meet my juniors last year. 

It is a perfect ride on weekend if one loves beautiful scenery and enjoys cool breeze. 

On every tour I encounter kittens but this time I was visited by hundreds of cattle in groups.

There was a great construct on my way to Lake Weekend. The building was inspired by Rajasthan culture.

On our route when we found ourself on a bridge it was a time to take left turn upward towards Varasgaon boat club.

We would have to cross Varsagaon boat club to reach resort. When we moved forward we saw Varasgaon dam and its back water. 

This point onwards the trees on both sides of the road got dense. I already started feeling chilly weather as I was moving forward. But my wife was enjoying the atmosphere sitting behind and talking to me. 

As it had rained the earlier night there was water flowing through and over rocks at regular interval. 

On our way on left hand side we found a big sign board reading 'The Lake Weekend'. The road upward was too steep. Just as we started going up we shot other resorts that are at the lower altitude. This resort is at higher altitude than Lonavala.

After approximately 1 km we saw pavement that goes straight to the resort.

After reaching the resort we were served breakfast and good filter coffee. We rested in the recreation space for some time.

The view for here is really good. 

We then went to our duplex and got freshen up. I liked the bright color curtains of it.

The view from this duplex is simply awesome. It is a very calm place.

We spent some time together in duplex chatting and enjoying with our creativity with camera.

The gallery opens straight in open air and huge water reservoir which looks picturesque. 

We then had our lunch in the same recreation hall. They serve meal there for all the occupants. If you are not on time then they bring meal to your room or duplex.

After having a good amount calories through food then it was time to talk again. This time spreading our legs in mini water world tank. 

In afternoon we had a quick nap. Our nap was quite longer as compared to 3 Idiots' power nap. In the evening before going for coffee at recreation hall we got relaxed at space just outside our duplex.

The resort had many things for occupants to enjoy.

I was enjoying period without buggy phone calls for credit card companies with my wife. 

If you don't believe that I was really enjoying then see this.

Next day morning we strolled the nearby area to explore the natural beauty we were in.

Then we walked within resort talking how nicely they had maintained the place.

And we did have some fun. 

Then again going back to recreation hall we played table tennis and carrom. First time I got exposed to Meet's hidden sport and games talent.

We had our lunch and decided to move for home as clouds had turned black and started sprinkling. So we thought it is wise to leave before it would start pouring. Due to two three batches of quick rain the roads were wet and slippery.

The way back home was cooler. The trees were showing off their great green color. As soon as we were on the main road towards Pune the sky turned blue.